Class Spokesman

Justin Bragg (270) 590-6161


Josh Hodges (270) 590-5085

1. 8500lb maximum weight limit. All trucks are to be weighed with driver.

2. Weight ballast is permitted. May be in front of the front bumper, no more than 60 inches from the center of the front axle. All front weights must be visible and securely fastened to the weight bracket. No weight box’s, brackets style only. Suitcase weights only. Front weight ballast must be securely fastened to the frame rails, and only have movable weight on it. No batteries, tanks, cells, or any other equipment allowed in front of the front bumper. Ballast is also permitted behind the cab of vehicle. Absolutely no weights inside the cab.

3. Dual rear wheels are allowed, but must be used on unmodified factory style wheels. Factory front dual wheel adapters are permitted, but must also be used with a singe factory or aftermarket positive offset dually style wheel. D.O.T. approved tires only. No cut tires. Max 35” tires. 

4. Factory frame rails only. Must be from a 1 ton or less truck. Boxing and bracing of the frame are permitted.

5. A maximum wheelbase for the class will be 176 inches.

6. Suspension: Front: Any factory style front suspension is allowed. Must use the style of suspension intended for the frame being used. Any aftermarket components can be used. Leaf spring style front suspensions may use traction/antiwrap bars, and must have safety catch chain/cable/tether with in 1ft of the mounting points. No electric power steering. All power steering pumps must be driven by the engine. Rear: A factory style rear suspension must be used that is intended for the frame being used. Suspension may be blocked/linked solid. Traction/Ladder bars are allowed and must have safety catch chain/cable/tether with in 1ft of the mounting points. All solid blocks/links and traction bars must be bolted in and easily removed. Welding of the attachment brackets to the frame and rear axle is permitted. Rear axle housing may be braced to reduce axle flex. In no way will the hitch be allowed to connect to the rear axle.

7. Hitch: The hitch must be a receiver style hitch and mount solid to the frame rails. No draw bar style hitches. Pulling load must pull from and thru the receiver box/hole. Reinforcements are allowed. All reinforcements must be no farther forward than the center of the rear axle and no higher than the top side of the frame rails. No part of the hitch is allowed to connect to the rear axle or rear suspension. Hook point must be no less than 48 inches from the center of the rear axle. The hook hole must be at least 3inches wide and 3 ¾inches long. 26” maximum hitch height. All hitch adjusting devices must be connected to the receiver hitch and/or hitch reinforcements. Rear suspension blocks/links maybe used to adjust the hitch height. 

8. Engine: Engine must have been and option in a 1 ton or less truck. Maximum 444 cubic inches. No aftermarket blocks or cylinder heads. Cummins heads must have the factory casted intake tunnel on the head. All others must use factory intake manifolds that bolt to the cylinder heads. Aftermarket intake horns and turbo piping is allowed No filled blocks. Coolant must flow thru all factory coolant passages. No deck plates. All other internal modifications are permitted.

9. Fueling: All p-pump engines can use a 13mm plungers and barrels, auto governor, and auto governor housing only. No ag governors. Common Rail engines are limited to 1 stock appearing CP3 injection pump, and factory size housing (i.e. no CP3.4, grand puba, Franken pump, etc…) Injection conversions are allowed (i.e. p-pump 24v, common rail 7.3 power stroke, etc…) Ford 7.3L engines are allowed to run dual HPOP. All injection pumps must be mounted in the factory location for that engine. Any aftermarket supply pump may be used. Fuel cells are allowed, but must be mounted behind the cab. #2 pump diesel fuel only. No additives. No propane, nitrous, or any other compressed gasses.

10. Turbo: Single turbo only. The turbo charger is limited to a 2.5-inch inducer turbo and must maintain this diameter both in front of and behind the MWE groove. T6 exhaust housings are prohibited. Adaptor plates and pedestals may be used. First time and random quick checks will be checked with a 2.550 plug. Compressor wheel is limited to a maximum 99mm exducer. An un-modified, factory style compressor cover must be use (i.e-No Race covers). The MWE groove must remain in the factory location and can be no larger than 0.200” at any point. Bushing of the inducer bore is prohibited. No stepped covers or stepped wheels. Wheel must protrude into the inducer bore and contour back into the exducer area of the compressor cover. 6.4L Power Stroke engines may utilize the factory compound turbo configuration in OEM stock form only (2.6" atmosphere inducer. If at any time the quick plug check is found illegal, or under protest, the compressor cover can be removed to measure the compressor wheel dimensions. The puller or crew member will be responsible for removing the compressor cover.

11. Air to Air intercoolers only. No water injection or water/meth. No spray bars or any other charge air cooling agents are allowed while the vehicle is on the track.

12. A. Manual transmission: Any manual transmission from a 1-ton or less truck is allowed. Up to a 3 disk, conventional style clutch. No Glide style clutches. Aftermarket bell housings are allowed and must be SFI approved. Any truck using a non SFI approved bell housing must use a SFI approved bell housing blanket. 12-B. Automatic Transmission: Any automatic transmission from a 1 ton or less truck is allowed. Must use a torque converter. No clutch setups allowed with automatic transmissions. All other aftermarket components are allowed. All Automatic Transmissions must have a SFI approved bell housing or SFI approved bell housing blanket.

13. Transfer case: Any transfer case from a 1 ton or less truck is allowed. All internal modifications are allowed.

14. Drive Shafts: After market drive shafts and U-joint yokes are allowed. All U-joints must be covered by a minimum 4” wide, 1/8” steel or ¼ ” aluminum shield, 360 degree’s around the u-joint. Any front shaft u-joint that is visible from the side of the truck must be shielded to contain the u-joint and end of the shaft.

15. Axles: Must be an option in a 1 ton or less truck. All aftermarket components are allowed. Bracing of the axle housing is allowed to reduce flex.

16. A full interior is mandatory. Must have full length factory dash, 2 upholstered seats, door panels, and any/all street equipment. No cutting or gutting inside of the cab or truck bed.

17. Exhaust must exit rearward of the cab and exit up or down. Must have two bolts, 3/8” in a cross pattern within 4ft of the turbo.

18. A kill switch and/or air shut off is mandatory inside the cab and at the rear of truck near the hitch for the sled. All Mechanical injected vehicles must have an air shut off. Electronic injected vehicles Must have either an electric kill switch or air shut off, or both.


               1. Only fully paid members who have made at least 35% of the pulls for this class will 

                   have voting rights at the annual class meeting.

               2. A puller must attend at least 35% of the pulls scheduled for this class to receive points


               3. Payout for this class: $900: $375, $250, $150, $75, $50